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Doesn't look so far on the map...


I've got to be up in 3 and a bit hours.

I haven't finished packing. I haven't bought a camera bag or a spare SD card. I haven't backed up my ipod. I haven't sorted out all the money stuff. I haven't worked out how I'm going to carry 7 boxes of tea bags. I haven't figured out why I bought two brand new toothbrushes today. I haven't got a hip flask for my Johnnie Walker Blue. I haven't said goodbye to everyone.

But I did have a very nice curry.

All set then!

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Questions, you've probably got some

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I think I probably missed out some pretty obvious bits from my first post.

How about, where I'm going... skipping the bit about Paris for an hour, Freiburg for three days, Berlin for a night, it's lining up to be:

Russia >> Mongolia >> China >> Korea >> Japan >> China again >> Australia >> New Zealand >> Cook Islands (hey, I can dream) >> and then home, somehow.

I've got 6 1/2 months to do this. The deadline, and there's always a bloody deadline isn't there, is for me to be back slumped bleary-eyed in front of a publicly-funded Central London computer screen come Easter next year.

Wherever possible, this is a trip to be carried out whilst directly connected to the Earth.

Let me make this clear - flying isn't travelling. The inside of a plane in one part of the world looks pretty much like any other. In the air, you can only hope to 'meet' semi-bored failed-models-turned-air-stewardesses, Yankee-doodle security contractors en route to the Middle East for fun and profit, or mountainous spluttering snore machines who should have been forced to do the decent thing and pay for the whole row of seats instead of permanently wedging themselves between you and the escape ailse.

No sir, flying is not the thing for me. Unless time constraints forbid it (e.g. HK to Sydney), i'm sticking to train, bus, boat, foot and bike. My employers will be proud. Life is so much more fun when observed from the ground.

The other thing you may be wondering, is why oh why is this blog called "Other People's Music"? That does indeed deserve an explanation. To cut a long story short, every now and then I get the urge to start my own podcast. It'd be loosely based on a much-imagined radio show, called... Other People's Music. The name derives from the show's signature jingle... "You're listening to Serge, and we're playing Other... People's... Music"

And now I've explained that in writing for the first time, it sounds even sillier than it does in my head. So it's got nothing to do with the trip, and even to travelling in general (despite the desperate sounding sub-heading about one ipod, fifty million miles or whatever) but that's what you've got. So it's gonna stick. And i'm too tired to change it.
Sensible alternative suggestions will be considered.

More pre-trip flannel to come, if I ever get over the shock of actually having been awarded a Chinese visa.

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Some kind of explanation

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So, why start a blog?

The 'nots' first.

It is not because I think this trip is unique. My intended route has been traipsed for decades, if not centuries, and i'm just following in the footsteps of millions who have gone before me.

It is not because this is my chance to exorcise super-repressed writing demons, holed up inside me since Journalism degree days, or to tout for possible future employment as a Lonely Planet contributor. The limitless pile of semi-intelligible travel blogs grows ever higher, and I can only hope to add to their number.

It is also not because this blog will allow me to create some kind of super interesting alter-ego, maurauding over far flung corners of the Earth, recalling adverture-chasing tales of pure fiction whilst the real me quietly slinks home after three weeks having already blown my modest travel budget on vodka.

Nope. None of those are true.

So now the 'whys'.

Firstly, anyone who has spoken to me recently will know just how utterly non-functioning my memory is at the moment. I can remember peoples' names occasionally. Birthdays rarely. What I had for dinner last night hardly ever.
And I absolutely can only recall these if I have them written down. Cheaper and less painful than tatooing notes all over my body, Momento-style, is to jot it all down here. Reason numero uno for writing this blog? Early brain rot.

Secondly, I told you all that I was going to do this. Besides, it's so much cheaper than texting or - whoa - actually phoning people.

But most of all, there's the simple fact that I gonna miss you crazy people. Straight up. I know hot-footing across Europe, Asia, Australasia and the rest sounds like a blast. And I know i'm gonna meet some ridicously nice people whilst doing it. But me scribbling down a few rambling sentances every now and then will hopefully feel a bit like I'm dragging you all around with me. And for anyone who has travelled with me for real, i'm pretty sure 'dragging' is a mild way of putting it.

And you get to vicariously experience the (selected and possibly heavily edited) highlights from the comfort of your own living room, as they say on the Discovery Channel, without the chore of having to search for an iced-over squat toilet in the middle of a frozen night somewhere in Outer Mongolia.

Hope you stick with me long enough to say 'ello every now and then.

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